About Me...

Hailing from the Bluegrass region of Lexington, Kentucky, I have an early recollection of my fascination with nature, my passionate observation of the animals on my uncle's farm and the lush surrounding countryside.  It was the beginning of a lifelong love of our world's powerful beauty, energy and natural order...eventually translating into the direction and focus of my work.  

After moving to Southern California in the early 1960's, I grew up on the idyllic Palos Verdes Peninsula, then a bucolic oasis sitting over the Pacific, just south of Los Angeles.  In 1972, after finishing high school, I set off on an adventure, and from my home base in Germany, worked and travelled throughout Europe for two years, before returning to the US, where I studied graphic design at California State University, Long Beach. While at CSULB, I continued honing my skills as a canine and equine portrait artist.  In 1980, I opened my own design studio in Santa Monica, while continuing my work as a fine art painter.  Ultimately, I was able to forge my career between the two disciplines of fine art and design.

Then in 1994, looking for a more peaceful backdrop, my family and I moved to Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Flatiron Mountains, where I continue to revel in nature and enjoy my creative endeavors.



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