About Me...

Hailing from the Bluegrass region of Lexington, Kentucky, I have an early recollection of my fascination with nature, my passionate observation of the animals on my uncle's farm and the lush surrounding countryside.  It was the beginning of a lifelong love of our world's powerful beauty, energy and natural order...eventually translating into the direction and focus of my work.  

After moving to California in the early 1960's, I spent my childhood on the Pacific Ocean, then lived, worked and travelled throughout Europe for two years before returning to the US to study graphic design at California State University, Long Beach, while honing my skills as a canine and equine portrait artist.   In 1980, I opened my own design studio in Santa Monica while continuing my work as a painter.

Then in 1994, looking for a more peaceful backdrop, my family and I moved to Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Flatiron Mountains, where I continue to revel in nature and enjoy my creative endeavors.

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